Women of Penyem clearing the land for cultivation.
This is a community effort for food sustainability in the rural Gambia.
Penyem men and women clearing the land for cultivation.
Young Penyem men tilling the soil with the traditional Jola plough called " Kajandaak".
Behind the men are the women sowing their grain.
The agrarians tilling the soil with ox plaugh in Penyem village at the start of the rainfall.
Looking at the fatail land, agriculture needs to be supported.
Young Penyem Boys tilling the soil for cultivation.
They are using the traditional Jola implement called "Kajandaak".
Penyem farmers working at the begining of the rainfall.
Young Penyem women sowing grain on a newly tilled farm.
Group of Penyem women that brought food for the workers.
Farmers group together for a break at the beginning of the season.
Farmers plowing the earth.
Farmers removing weeds from the newly planted crop.
Left to right: Penymen residents Ansunding Kujabi, Bakary Gibba (WW II veteran). Behind Gibba's farm in Penyem.
Penyem Mai shows the impact of drought on banana plants. Impact of not enough water on the banana fruit.
Fertile garden irrigated using well water. Ground water is fairly deep and requires
much digging to reach it.
A boy digging a well for his mother. Bringing up water from a well.
Women making a bed for plants. Once made, the beds hold water around the plants.
Penyem men collecting wood for charcoal.
Penyem men collecting wood to burn to make charcoal for cooking, warmth, and for sale.
Penyem men stacking wood to burn to make charcoal.
To create the charcoal, the wood covered with earth and burned under low oxygen conditions.
It takes several days to complete the process.
The charcoal is collected into bags by the Penyem men.
Penyem men with bags of charcoal for sale.