Women of Penyem sowing rice seeds.
Penyem women clearing the land for cultivation.
Young Penyem women tilling the soil.
Young Penyem women carrying water buckets for workers.
Young Penyem Boys tilling the soil for cultivation. They are using the traditional Jola implement called "Kajandaak".
Penyem farmers working at the begining of the rainfall.
Young Penyem men sowing grain on a newly tilled farm.
Farmers carve out the rice field.
It is difficult and strenuous work.
Farmers group together to get fields ready in time for planting.
Penyem women bring food and drink to the workers.
Penyem boys till the land for cultivation.
Penyem women pulling weeds from around the rice sprouts.

Weeding requires a group effort. Penyem women all pitch in to clean the fields.
Weeding must be done several times during the growing season.
Men join the women in these weeding efforts.

Women transplanting rice seeds.

Men ploughing the fields.
Penyem men ploughing the fields.
Penyem men, young and old, come out to work together.
Ploughing is a tremendous amount of work so a community effort is needed.
Women and girls transplanting corn sprouts.
Penyem women transplanting corn sprouts.


Penyem boys and girls working together.

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