This is the farm land with Cassava
Same field with cassavas
Young Man examining the crops.
Cassava field.
The viewing the land.
The farmer going over the field.
looking at the farm.
The well.
Farmers examining the farm as they look for insects.
Man looking at the Banana field.
A water well and a goat taking cover.
A Banana field.
Man walking by the Banana field.
A farmily .

A Banana .
This is a fertilied farmers need support.
This is a fertilied farmers need support.
Farmers need support to maintain the work
The Land is good but no support.
The Farmers of Penyem need all the support they can get.
A Green Land waiting to be tilted .
Farmers need support.
This is an area under to be farming.
Area good for sustainable irrigation.


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