My name is Lamin Jarju. I was born in the village of Penyem, The Gambia. I am also a Canadian Citizen and founder of the Penyem Jamaroi Relief Organization (PJRO). My accreditations include an Honors Degree from the University of Toronto and work with Food Banks across the GTA. The PJRO represents my lifelong passion of helping farmers reverse the recurring cycle of poverty and hunger. I believe that agriculture is a great strength upon which we can build a better world.

I believe that when funding is made available, farmers will be encouraged to return to the land and work to achieve food security. The PJRO wants to help farmers become self-reliant, supporting future generations of Gambians. We aim to construct approximately five water wells powered by solar energy, purchase farming equipment and establish an agriculture irrigation system in the village of Penyem.

Insufficient annual rainfall is creating acute food shortages in rural Gambia, forcing young people to migrate from rural to urban areas where women and young girls may become vulnerable to all types of abuses. As Director of the PJRO, it is my sincere desire to help this farming community escape this devastating cycle and help the farming community become self-reliant.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for any donations you may make towards the implementation of the PJRO charity in the Gambia, West Africa. Agriculture irrigation is key to breaking the cycle of hunger, starvation and malnutrition in Africa.


My name is Paula Budhall Jarju. I am the Assistant Director of the Penyem Jamorai Relief Organization. My accreditations include a B. A. Honors with Distinction and an M.A. Degree in English from the University of Toronto. I am committed to the pledge of self-reliance and sustainable rural development initiated by the founding members of the PJRO. I would like you to join the PJRO in its fight against underdevelopment and poverty in Africa. Africa needs your help! Africa needs your support!


I am the head of Penyem village in the Gambia and locally known as the Alikalo. I want to welcome you to this web site, which highlights the natural beauty of my village and the impending human crisis facing farmers in the area. My hope is to enhance food security for the agrarian community of Penyem and the surrounding villages. We, the farmers of Penyem, request funding for the implementation of an agriculture irrigation project, which will curtail the steady decline of agriculture.

It has always been my desire to have a community in which every man, woman, and child enjoy good health and live in peace and security. In the Gambia, urban areas are largely dependent on rural communities for their food supplies and at the same time, rural villagers derive their income entirely from agriculture. With the drying up of natural water sources and the reduction in annual rainfall, villagers are now finding it increasingly difficulty to produce food from limited resources. Sustainable rural development through agriculture irrigation would bring meaningful changes to my village.

The Penyem Jamorai Relief Organization (PJRO) appreciates donations from individuals, small groups and philanthropic organizations in our fight against rural poverty in the Gambia. With your support, the goal of poverty reduction can be archived. The decline in agricultural productivity has renewed calls for sustainable irrigation as the solution to poverty and malnutrition in the Gambia. We therefore welcome the assistance of anyone interested in improving the lives of Africans through donations.


Here, Mai Badji shows the effects of drought on banana plants.


Akena Adyanga

Francis Akena Adyanga ADVISOR

Francis Akena Adyanga is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. He has special experiences working with NGOs in Uganda with trainings in good governance, child protection policy and education in emergencies and post emergencies contexts. He is a passionate educator with strong commitment to social justice and equity issues in education. He is also an ardent advocate for rural communities in Africa in the campaign against poverty. 


I am a founding member of the PJRO and a resident of Penyem Village in the Gambia. For many years we have struggled to grow crops such as rice, coos and vegetables, under difficult conditions: insufficient rainfall, a lack of tools and equipment, and poor transportation infrastructure. After intense debate on all the possible options available to us, we decided to seek foreign assistance to purchase tools and equipment and construct irrigation and storage facilities in the village. With your generous help we may accomplish our goal of sustainable rural development and an improved quality of living for the people of Penyem. Thank you.